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You just lost GPS. Now what?

I’ve recently seen – and been a part of – some rather interesting and insightful discussions around what I would call an “over-reliance” on technology in flight, particularly in relation to navigation. One participant admitted that th... (read more)


Keep The Basic Skills Sharp. Always.

What you take that first leap into your PPL – the first intro lesson, the first bit of ground school, learning how you stop the aeroplane from going upside down in a three-dimensional space… you never really think of life beyond that instru... (read more)


My landings are broken! How I fixed them

As an enthusiastic pilot I strive for excellence in my flying – whether that’s my radio work, my navigation or landings. And I never walk away from a flight without learning something new.

Landings are among the most difficult ele... (read more)


Home flight simulators – keeping proficient when you cannot fly

There’s no denying that we are in some very strange times. The take-no-prisoners approach to global domination that COVID-19 has taken has affected pretty much everyone in one way or another. For many pilots – both commercial and private &#... (read more)


How To Pick The Right Flight School

Piloting an aircraft is a privilege so few people get to do. With the most likely reason being the financial cost associated with aviation, it certainly makes sense to shop around.

The biggest problem is that as a budding new student pi... (read more)


Medical Suspension – It’s Like I Never Stopped

31st March was my last flight before now – a 1-hour excursion around Cambridgeshire for my father-in-law’s birthday. Unfortunately, life got in the way and a few days later I was declaring myself medically unfit to fly. I had found myself i... (read more)


Pushing Limits

It’s vital in aviation to understand the technical limits of the aircraft you’re flying – stall speeds, manoeuvring speeds, crosswind speeds, etc. Not knowing them or respecting them can have disastrous consequences for you and any passenge... (read more)


From Cessna to Piper: Flying the PA28

Up until the end of my PPL training I had flown in and controlled 3 General Aviation aircraft – a Robin HR200 on an experience flight in 2010, a Cessna 152 in 2014 and 4 different Cessna 172 aircraft over my entire PPL training in 2017/2018... (read more)


I Passed The PPL Skills Test!

In the last year I’ve spent over 54 hours in the air, countless hours of studying and revising, over 7 hours taking exams and more hours than I care to add up planning navigation flights. I’ve also spent around £12,000 in equipment, f... (read more)